With the need of different products for different requirements we, at INDGIRKA, providing every solution under one roof. We are providing variety of products to use in different segments with minimum cost and of best quality with minimum possible lead time. The Company looks upon while upholding the needs of its clients for providing most favourable blend of quality and cost effectiveness. The core competency of this group lies in its ability to resource quality material and manufacture complete custom design solution.

Why Indgirka for Sheet Metal Components?

We understand that the deadline for any project, your internal project date has top management visibility and that your customer’s order is contingent upon the delivery of your product NOW. If we fail to deliver your parts when promised, the heat is on you and your decision to choose the right supplier for your products. We understand that the consequence of failure could be as severe as you losing your job.
Our employees are proactive and make things happen. We get started on quotes right away and if we see anything needing clarification, we contact you immediately. Orders are started ASAP — your parts are typically programmed within 24 hours of receiving the order. And once your parts are complete they ship the same day and even don’t wait for the next day.
And one year’s experience at INDGIRKA equates to 10 years at many other shops we ship well over 100 unique parts every day, and the majority are parts we have never made before and will never make again.


Hardening and coating are main process for any metal which keep products alive for many years and on other hand we can improve aesthetics of component also. This process can be done on raw material, intermediate process as well as on final products. If you have a metal product that could benefit from the application of a protective metal coating, call the experts at Indgirka.


Indgirka will be a one stop solution for any kind of proto parts, starting from designing to finished product. Based on our vast variety of products and manufacturing processes we are catering many industries in finalizing their design by providing different type of prototypes as per their requirement with minimum possible lead time as any raw material never a constraint for us.


We are offering different kind of services for different industries. It starts from sourcing some proprietary parts across the globe to giving assistance in selection of raw material, selection of manufacturing process, set up any plant, set up any lab and other services. We served many happy customers in India. Contact Indgirka for your any requirement, we will be happy to serve you.