Indgirka, a well-known provider of custom metal solutions, offers
comprehensive solutions. With a wide variety of metal, machining, and
fabrication, we have satisfied our clients. Our excellence stems from our
aim for the extraordinary. That is combined with our wealth of knowledge
and modern technology.

Indgirka Corporation is a well-known company today, serving customers
in many different nations. Our charges and outstanding staff, who put
quick turnaround times at first, are the reason we won. We want to fulfill
our clients by providing the best balance between cost and quality.


Our advantage is to source top-notch materials and produce unique design solutions. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. We offer committed services and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Customers can customize their orders at Indgirka with a special touch. For ease of consumers, we developed our straightforward shipping and customer service policies.

We use materials like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum & more to form products. The surface finishes that these products come with include high-quality products. Such as Hot Dip Galvanising, Coating, Passivation, Plating, Chrome, Decromat Anodising, and Paints. We keep up with the most recent trends to ensure that our products are not only creative but also durable.

Our dedication to quality and the never-ending search for improvement are what distinguish us. Customers who customize their orders with us can give each product a unique touch. We specialize in coating and hardening processes to enhance durability and appearance. Raw materials, intermediate steps, and finished goods are where we can apply processes. Contact the professionals at Indgirka without delay.

For prototype parts, from design to final product, Indgirka is your one-stop shop. We help industries by providing a variety of prototypes for their unique requirements. That too all with the least possible time because we are never constrained by raw materials. We do this by leveraging our broad range of products and manufacturing processes.

Additionally, we supply a variety of services to different industries. like choosing manufacturing techniques, raw material selection, and helping with industry setup. We also source proprietary parts worldwide. Serving several happy customers in India has been a pleasure for us. We would be happy to assist you, so please get in touch with Indgirka with any needs. For sheet metal fabrication, Indgirka is the industry leader. Even if it is for prototype components or high-low volume manufacturing. Where form, fit, and function are essential is produced at Indgirka.


Hardening and coating are main process for any metal which keep products alive for many years and on other hand we can improve aesthetics of component also. This process can be done on raw material, intermediate process as well as on final products. If you have a metal product that could benefit from the application of a protective metal coating, call the experts at Indgirka.


Indgirka will be a one stop solution for any kind of proto parts, starting from designing to finished product. Based on our vast variety of products and manufacturing processes we are catering many industries in finalizing their design by providing different type of prototypes as per their requirement with minimum possible lead time as any raw material never a constraint for us.


We are offering different kind of services for different industries. It starts from sourcing some proprietary parts across the globe to giving assistance in selection of raw material, selection of manufacturing process, set up any plant, set up any lab and other services. We served many happy customers in India. Contact Indgirka for your any requirement, we will be happy to serve you.