We INDGIRKA – Automobile Parts Manufacturers ans Suppliers in India believe that the automotive industry is quickly becoming a global powerhouse for sourcing auto parts. The auto components sector accounts for over 7% of India’s GDP and employs up to 19 million people, both directly and indirectly. The vehicle components business generates 25.6% of manufacturing GDP and 3.8% of national GDP, employing 1.5 million people indirectly.

Parts manufacturing is the third largest industry in the automobile industry. whether you are an OEM or a producer of replacement components Overall, this area has shown constant growth and is an excellent sector to work in if you have the necessary experience. That’s why an experienced and quality automobile parts manufacturer is must.

Several factors influence the growth of the global auto parts manufacturing industry. Rising demand for brake pads with lower levels of copper and heavy metals, a growing inclination toward technologically advanced products, a broader scope for pumps as technology gains traction, expansion and collaboration among manufacturers to increase market reach, rising automotive production, rising demand for lithium batteries, and rising automotive production and vehicle parc are all driving the global auto parts market forward.

We at INDGIRKA have extensive experience delivering parts for engines and gearboxes, manifolds, body parts, exhaust parts, interiors, and prototyping in the niche prestige and luxury vehicle industries. We also sell a variety of solutions for commercial and industrial vehicles to professional commercial vehicle finishers in the bus and truck industry.

In the medium to long term, the auto component business would grow faster than the underlying automotive industry due to increased localization by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), higher component content per vehicle, and rising exports from India.

Over the last few years, the Indian auto-components business has grown steadily. Some of the factors contributing to this include a thriving end-user market; improved consumer sentiment; and the restoration of adequate liquidity in the financial system. As a result, we offer a diverse selection of flanges, tubular parts, brackets, and rubber and plastic components in various raw materials such as CR, stainless steel, and aluminium, depending on the application. There are no minimum order amounts for low volume orders.

We have long-standing working connections with key automotive organisations and industry leaders. We collaborate closely with our vehicle customers to develop and test innovative concepts and products in collaboration with designers and engineers, guaranteeing that reliable components provide a competitive advantage. We are the leading Auto Parts Suppliers in India who also export Worldwide (Australia, Canada, USA, and Taiwan ).