A bracket is a structural element. It is either a structural or decorative element. This motor mounting bracket allows for simple and secure motor mounting. Motor mounting brackets are used to secure motors within HVAC units and other systems. These brackets secure the motor to (or within) the unit.

Frame Bracket

Motor frames must fulfill INDGIRKA requirements, and the geometry of those frames determines the appropriate mounting bracket. Active Robots offers a wide selection of DC motor brackets for quick and secure mounting of motors and other components in your projects, whether they are in robotics, electronics, or a custom creation. Some of the brackets include screws and mounting holes, increasing their versatility and ensuring a secure fit.

Engine mounts or motor frames are one of the most critical components of any vehicle or piece of industrial equipment. They can be found in aeroplanes, automobiles, trains, boats, trucks, buses, tractors, and any other vehicle or piece of equipment that has a motor or engine. Have you ever considered what holds your engine in place in your vehicle? Engine mounts are the solution. These little components are critical to the effective and safe operation of any moving machine.

A fragile item will most likely be harmed if it is placed in a box and shaken around. The object could even cause damage to the box itself. However, if you secure the fragile item with rods and cushions, it will remain still while the box is disturbed. Engine mounts function in the same way.

The following are some of the advantages of employing high-quality engine mounts:

  • Reduce unnecessary vibration and noise.
  • Keep engines from becoming damaged.
  • Increase the engine’s and sensor-connected components’ longevity.
  • Prevent transmissions and other critical components from being damaged.
  • Engine mounts are designed to absorb system energy and wear out over time, necessitating replacement.
  • If you wait too long to replace your engine mount, your car may be damaged.

Support Bracket

Under one roof, our firm has competence in manufacturing all types of brackets as well as complete surface treatment such as powder coating and galvanizing. Aside from producing this, we also perform value added assemblies on brackets, such as adding fasteners or any other sheet metal assembly. We specialize in the production of Sheet Metal Brackets. These are created with the use of a stamping or die casting technique. These brackets have found use in the mounting of a variety of products. Aside from that, depending on the application, we can perform stress and mechanical tests on brackets.

Our technical project team devised a fabrication strategy that included several separate laser cutting, extruding, and forming procedures to achieve precise geometries such as low alloy steel.

By paying close attention to detail and making full use of the precise CNC controls on our lasers and forming equipment.

INDGIRKA, A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Frame Bracket and Support Bracket

Our highly experienced project managers will work with you to understand your sheet metal prototype and production requirements, and we will walk you through the available materials and processes to ensure that your parts are delivered on time and within specification every time.

We at INDGIRKA are a leading manufacturer of Frame Bracket and Support Bracket in India and also supply outside the country, such as in Taiwan, Australia, the USA, and Canada.