Many years of experience, supplying across all the forces both direct and through all tiers of the supply chain, has provided us with a unique ability to understand and respond to the very diverse requirements of the MOD.

As the name denotes, it is a very wide industry and to cater them with keep in mind each and every minute requirements gives us strength us to move on without any hurdle.

We are working closely with many OEM’s & Tier 1 suppliers and catering them for many parts since many years required in many field either for Land vehicles or for Sea as well as for Air.

We can contribute in variety of parts from fabrication to machined, tubular, rubber, plastics, casting, forging, fasteners and others.

Parts made by us can be useful for making of aluminium frame useful for mobile refuelling systems, stainless steel vehicle components, laser cutting parts, aluminium weldments. Components used in new and retrofit vehicle application, baffles, waterjet cutting parts, aluminium brackets, mounting brackets, doors, handles, tyres, roofs, cabins, frames, enclosures, gaskets, grommets, chemicals etc.

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58 percent of India’s population. India is expected to achieve the ambitious goal of doubling farm income in next 4 years.

Agriculture is amongst the fastest growing industry in India.The agriculture sector in India is expected to generate better momentum in the next few years due to increased investments in agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation facilities, warehousing and cold storage.
Due to which there will be a huge demand for agriculture equipment and machineries as well.

The main machinery considered in agriculture are tractors. India is the largest tractor market in the world thus it is a very important market for global companies having tractor in its farm equipment portfolio. It is estimated that tractor production in India accounts for about one-third of the global production. However, the density of tractor is nowhere near the leading economies of the world. Hence, the growth potential is immense given the huge weight of agriculture in the overall economy.

We are providing a variety of part being used in tractor industries such as tractor linkage parts, tractor parts assy, tractor trolley hooks, tractor roof canopy, tractor trailer hydraulic jack, tractor trolley hose, tractor chains, tractor rotavator, hitch pins, top link pins, tractor top link assemblies, draw bar, tractor top links, top link balls, linkage pin, lower link balls, lower link pins, tractor lower link, tractor yoke, lower link ends, lift arm pin, ball clevis, clevis link, stabilizer pin, top links, brackets, pulleys etc.

With the ever-increasing focus on fuel consumption and therefore weight reduction as well as for safety, we have responded to industry demand by developing many new products as per demand and many new designs.

Constant pressure for greater fuel efficiency is forcing aerospace manufacturers to find ways to incorporate new and existing materials that had once been considered impractical to machine.

Forty years ago, aluminium dominated the aerospace industry. As the new kid on the block, it was considered to be lightweight, inexpensive, and state-of-the-art. In fact, as much as 70% of an aircraft was once made of aluminium. Other new materials such as composites and alloys were also used, including titanium, graphite, and fiberglass, but only in very small quantities – 3% here and 7% there.

Now, times have changed. A typical jet built today is as little as 20% pure aluminium. Most of the non-critical structural material – panelling and aesthetic interiors – now consist of even lighter-weight carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRPs) and honeycomb materials. Meanwhile, for engine parts and critical components, there is a simultaneous push for lower weight and higher temperature resistance for better fuel efficiency, bringing new or previously impractical-to-machine metals into the aerospace material mix.

With our vast range of products we have developed many parts for aviation industries such as fasteners, brackets, hinges, pins, springs, pulleys, flanges, frames, channels etc and providing services such as for painting etc. with a concept of best QCDD.

We have well-established working relationships with major organisations and champions within the automobile industry. In partnership with designers and engineers, we work closely with our automobile customers to develop and test new concepts and products ensuring that a competitive advantage is gained from reliable components.

We have a wealth of experience in the niche prestige and luxury automotive markets, supplying parts for for engines and gearboxes, manifolds, body parts, exhaust parts, interiors and prototyping. We also supply specialist commercial vehicle finishers in the bus and truck market with a range of products for commercial and industrial vehicles.

We manufacture quality automobile parts engineered using high grade raw material procured from trustworthy vendors. Our range of automobile parts is for multi usage like two wheeler, four wheeler etc. We also tailor make our range as per the client specifications.

Some of its features are:

  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance

The accuracy, quality and fine tolerances demanded by the automobile industry ensure that we have the correct quality system and control processes in place. The complex and ever-changing requirements rely upon our Technical Team and in-house tooling department to react and innovate to maintain any new design for 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers development. In-house tooling to enable on-site tool adjustments for better control and efficiency during development.

Common requirements of the automobile industries include variety of parts such as flanges, tubular parts, brackets, rubber and plastic components in different raw materials such as CR, stainless steel, aluminium which all depends upon application. Low volumes are catered for with no minimum order quantities.

We work closely with well-known brands on the development of parts, prior to them handing over the final design to high-volume manufacturers; at development stage, engineers and designers will work with us to design and develop parts through prototype stage, produce modifications following testing and wind tunnel work, and offer solutions for improved efficiency and aerodynamics.

We also work with a variety of customers involved in restoration projects, who can no longer source parts from the original manufacturers through obsolescence and therefore come to us to have bespoke replica parts made. This can be done either from a sample of the old part, which we will test and find an alternative material for, or using a drawing if available, or even reverse engineering through a study of the application.

Indgirka manufactures components and assemblies used by various electrical and electronic equipment OEMs. Products include PCB holders and brackets, electrical enclosures, automated assembly equipment covers and frames, robotic machine frames and enclosures, motor mount brackets, adapter plates, and electronic frames and chassis, and machine tool covers.

Apart from this we also capable to provide solution to our customers for Electonic connector bracket, Electrical component bracket, Equipment frames and covers, stainless steel control panels, wire harnesses, electronic chasis, name plates, mounting brackets, plates, doors, helicoils, aluminium boxes. These fabricated parts can be available in different type of materials as per necessity.

The Indian Railways is among the world’s largest rail networks. The Indian Railways route length network is spread over 115,000 km, with 12,617 passenger trains and 7,421 freight trains each day from 7,349 stations plying 23 million travellers and 3 million tonnes (MT) of freight daily. India’s railway network is recognised as one of the largest railway systems in the world under single management.

The Indian Railway network is growing at a healthy rate and to support this industry we have tie up with many tier 1 customers to whom we are providing back to back solutions which calls for different kind of parts. As stated Indgirka is capable to provide solution in different type of material and from different processes, selection of which purely depends upon the application of component and accuracy required. Some of the materials which are commonly use are stainless steel, carbon stee, aluminium and some other alloys.

Many of our customers are engineers and are involved in developing solutions specific to their industry, or responsible for servicing a range of industries supplying mechanical or industrial solutions. Our engineering customers serve a vast range of industries and as long established component manufacturers. We help them develop solutions accordingly within a specific product or technology, such as structural engineering, plastics, Laser cut parts, weldments, CNC machinists, precision metalwork or product development agencies.

Working with customers in many industries such as precision engineers, Material Handling, machinists, hydraulic engineers and mechanical designers, we supply a multitude of sheetmetal, machined, fabrication parts, rubber products etc.

Heavy Engineering

Heavy Industry in India comprises of the heavy engineering industry, machine tool industry, heavy electrical industry, industrial machinery and auto-industry. These industries provides goods and services for almost all sectors of the economy, including power, rail and road transport. The machine building industry caters the requirements of equipment for basic industries.

Mining, Crushing and Screening Industry

We offer quality crushing machine parts that have gained huge acclaim among our clients owing to their reliability and its strong make. Being a quality oriented firm, we provide parts using high grade raw material which yield them long working life. The crushing machine parts manufactured by us include Spare Parts, Blades, Bolts and collector tray.

The main features of our range of parts are as follows:

  • Strong built
  • High efficiency
  • Spacious in volume
  • Well-fixed and vibration-free.
  • Can be custom engineered as per clients’ specification.

Earth Moving Industry

We offer a wide range of Earth Moving Equipment that are manufactured by using high quality raw materials. These heavy earth moving equipment include various equipment that find applications in the manufacturing of cranes and earth moving equipment. Under this category of heavy earth moving equipment we offer Chassis for Cranes, Crane Bucket, cabins, cabin doors, enclosures, chain, wire ropes and sliding for the Cranes.

We manufactures hundreds of intricate oil and gas industry parts. We machine parts and components for all segments of the oil and gas industry such as valves, compressor discs, and more. We provide various parts and value added services. Compressor parts include pistons, rings, valve seats, seals and cylinder side plates. Turbine plates and turbo-expanders are a few components offered to meet our customers’ needs.

Oil Well and off shore platform equipment offer some very unique manufacturing challenges. Our deep involvement with companies in this portion of the industry has brought about a demand for components made from very large forgings up to five feet in diameter and weighing nearly 4,000 lbs., and with machining tolerances within .005 required. Some examples areCement Heads,
Adaptor Rings, andPistons.We also have a very high demand for parts manufactured from Inconnel, a material that we have a large amount of experience with successful machining. These parts include a number of different style ram shafts and locking bars.

Apart from this we are well equipped to source Products include a multitude of both on and offshore drilling rig and support equipment components. Other products include tanks, covers, brackets, shrouds, control panels, guards, guides, trays, shims, and frames. Also Steel supports, brackets and assemblies, machine covers, cable guides, pipe clamps, brackets, cable guides, bushes, flanges, pipes, connectors etc.