We at INDGIRKA provide high-quality crusher machine parts that have won widespread praise from our customers for their dependability and durability. As a quality-oriented company, we provide parts made from high-quality raw materials that have a long operating life. Spare Parts, Blades, Bolts, and Collector Trays are among the crushing machine parts that we manufacture.

Crushing, Mining, and Screening Industries

Basically, crushing is the process of breaking down hard materials into little bits through pressing, crushing, or grinding. Crushing equipment is used to reduce the size of hard waste materials so that they can be easily recycled. They are also used to distinguish between pieces of varying compositions.

Screening is typically used to separate coarse materials at the end of their processing. It is employed as the final step in the separation of different-sized materials. Cone crushers, horizontal shaft impact crushers, and jaw crushers are the three types of crushers and screeners. Grinding machines, spiral classifiers, magnetic separation, and spiral dewaterers are the four types of mineral processing equipment. Crushing, screening, and mineral processing equipment are mostly used in building and plant modification, foundries and smelters, and mining.

These operations are extremely mechanical, take a lot of energy, and cause a lot of wear and tear. The optimum equipment is, therefore, that which has less downtime and wear and tear while producing more for the same amount of energy.

The expansion of mining-related activities in various regions, as well as the rise in demand for crushing, screening, and mineral processing equipment for applications such as metal mining, coal mining, and mineral mining, is driving the growth of the crushing, screening, and mineral processing equipment market. A rise in the urban population, which raises demand for natural resources such as oil, is predicted to boost demand for mineral processing equipment, supporting market expansion. For example, by 2030, about 590 million people are predicted to migrate to cities worldwide.

Heavy Engineering

The engineering industries are the foundation of modern industrial progress. These industries manufacture machines and equipment for transportation, agriculture, and mining, among other things. Their products span from nuts and bolts to industrial machinery, automobiles, railway engines and coaches, ships, aircraft, and transmission towers, among other things.

The heavy engineering industries require a vast number of components that they do not manufacture. This has aided the growth of a vast number of secondary sectors. Heavy engineering businesses in India grew primarily in the public sector following independence.

We, at INDGIRKA, manufacture heavy machinery parts and tools in support of secondary industries such as structural engineering, plastics, laser cut parts, weldments, CNC machinists, precision metalwork, or product development.

Earth Moving Equipment

We provide a diverse assortment of earth-moving equipment made from high-quality raw materials and crane spare parts manufacturers and crane spare parts suppliers. This large earth-moving equipment comprises a variety of machines used in the production of cranes and earth-moving equipment. We offer Crane Chassis, Crane Bucket, cabins, cabin doors, enclosures, chains, wire ropes, and sliding for Cranes under this category of heavy earth moving equipment.

Heavy machinery is required for practically all construction works, from residential buildings to large-scale commercial and civil projects. Earth-moving equipment encompasses a wide range of devices capable of excavating, grading, and other tasks. Earth movers and other heavy equipment aid in the speeding up of not only earthwork, but also materials handling, demolition, and construction. Many types of heavy construction equipment are multi-purpose, making them useful on job sites.

We provide an exclusive collection of earth-moving equipment spare parts that are utilized in a variety of applications. Our items are extremely durable and come in a variety of styles. We provide simple maintenance, which increases product demand. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products at the most competitive prices.

What Separates us

  • Strong built
  • High efficiency
  • Spacious in volume
  • well-fixed and vibration-free.
  • can be custom engineered as per clients’ specifications.