We, INDGIRKA, take a step forward in uplifting the face of the railway sector by becoming the main railway component maker in India, because Indian Railways has the greatest transportation network in India. Indian Railways offers a diverse range of services, including passenger trains, freight trains, and wagons.

Through improved R&D and the use of cutting-edge technologies, we are on course to become market leaders. INDGIRKA is constantly refining and improving its technical skills while adhering to high-quality standards. Our components are long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, dependable, and quality-certified. Our position as one of India’s leading railway component manufacturers provides us with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our cutting-edge technologies.

INDGIRKA manufactures a number of structural and stability components for freight, wagons, and passenger coaches. We have manufacturing facilities and goods. We are a preferred supplier for this vital sector in India.

The Indian railway network is expanding at a healthy rate, and to support this industry, we have partnered with several tier-1 customers, to whom we provide back-to-back solutions requiring various types of parts. As previously indicated, Indgirka is capable of providing solutions in a variety of materials and techniques, the choice of which is entirely dependent on the use of the component and the level of accuracy required. Stainless steel, carbon steel, Aluminium, and various alloys are some of the materials that are often used.