Despite its humble beginnings, INDGIRKA has access to a vast array of global contacts on all sides of the mechanical and industrial engineering product supply of oil and refineries, as well as critical experience dealing with demanding clients who require manufacturing, supply, and sourcing, such as Australia, the United States, Taiwan, Canada, and India. These talents and knowledge have been polished for over a decade to meet the demands of individuals working in global commerce as oil and gas parts suppliers.

We at INDGIRKA are the best oil and gas parts manufacturer in India who supplies oil and refinery parts, multi-phase components, and a mixture of gas and liquids, for example, must be delivered safely in the exploration sector. Most of the time, multi-screw pumps and centrifugal pumps provide the best options. Viscous or solid-contaminated media are frequently handled. Different parameters, such as sulfur content, must be considered in the various locations of the world where oil and gas are produced.

New procedures have recently been devised to allow fracking and the processing of oil sands, which frequently place the greatest demands on the delivery head. A common solution is to use reciprocating pumps. Refineries are then used for further processing. Oil is used to make a wide range of fuels and feed-stocks for the chemical industry. Pumps must meet the highest technical safety criteria as well as high availability requirements. Centrifugal or vacuum pumps are frequently used. Because of the trend toward ever-increasing demands for availability, safety, and the lowest possible emissions, sealless, canned drives, such as magnetic couplings or canned motor pumps, are increasingly being used in addition to complicated shaft packing systems.

Aside from that, we are well prepared to source products that include a wide range of drilling rig and support equipment components for both onshore and offshore drilling rigs. Tanks, covers, brackets, shrouds, control panels, guards, guides, trays, shims, and frames are also available. Steel supports, Brackets, assemblies, machine covers, cable guides, pipe clamps, brackets, cable guides, bushes, flanges, pipes, connections, and other components are also available.

We are also a leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe clamps. Pipe Clamps are devices that are used to fix and seal a leaky pipeline. This is a long-term mending method. This procedure can be used to repair locally corroded, damaged, or cracked pipelines. INDGIRKA designs and produces pipeline clamps for use in oil and refineries. INDGIRKA pipeline clamps are available in a variety of sizes and pressure levels.